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2018 Otley 10M - Valerie Bell


11 of us took part in the Otley 10 race yesterday: Jim Buller, Chris Plews, Joseph Kwallah, David Fennah, David Carberry, David Huby, Mark Holt, Alex Matthewson, Sean Wright, Richard and myself. I have done this race 3 times now; I am not getting quicker but it is one of the few races I like ( and for those who hear me moaning all the time, it says a lot!).

It is extremely well organised by our neighbouring club from Otley and there are cakes, drinks, a barbecue and the marshalls are all really friendly (special mention to Ursula and Pete on each side of the bridge).
The course is challenging because it has 2 steep hills but the rest is either flat or downhill and the scenery at the top of the first hill is fantastic. The maximum number of participants is 500 and we were probably near to that figure yesterday.

When Richard and I arrived I discovered that I was the only lady from Wetherby taking part which from the start made me First Lady for Wetherby, even if I finished last Wetherby club member. I’ll take the First Lady for the club!
The first 2 miles are along the main road and you need to stay on the pavement so if, unlike me, you are chasing a time, you need to start very quickly and be at the front otherwise you get stuck. I quite welcomed the bottlenecks to recover my breath. Then you are off the main road and the first water station is positioned just before the first big hill. Up the hill you run/ walk and then you have fantastic views of the countryside. It is then flat and downhill up to a bridge where there is a second water station and, you’ve guessed it …. the second big hill ( not as long as the first one). After that it is flat and downhill to Otley.

At the finish you get a bottle of local beer or in my case a bottle of cider. I had pointed out to Colin, the race director, that not everyone likes beer and he therefore very kindly provided a few bottles of cider. You cannot ask for more.

So here are the results and well done to everyone:

Joseph Kwallah 1.04.47
Mark Holt 1.05.19
Chris Plews 1.10.40
David Carberry 1.12.08
David Huby 1.12.41
Jim Buller 1.14.55
Alex Matthewson 1.15.19
Sean Wright 1.16.28
David Fennah 1.16.47
Richard Bell 1.30.54
Valérie Bell 1.32.10

Thank you to Otley for organising a great race.