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2018 Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc - David Fennah


8hrs 49minutes brutal race ranked 1407/2300. 32 degrees 2700m of climbing 1700m descent. WON BY KILIAN JORNET 3:54:54 Tomorrow start to run UTMB whilst out here for the week. Only 33km tomorrow though.

UTMB (Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc - 170km over 10,000m ascent) lead runner takes under three hours to get to Les Contamines from race start in Chamonix but it has taken me most of the day despite temperatures being a bit lower today. UTMB runners just carry on. Another big push into Italy for me tomorrow.

Day 2 of my UTMB foray started following an old roman road up into the mountains pleasantly enough then got very steep and very snowy before dropping steeply down through alpine meadows and onto a little road for the final section gratefully still marked UTMB which took me to my slot in a cow shed for the night at Refuge Mottets. 31km today with my right calf and knee complaining a lot about all the up and down and slithering about on the snow. Guess the snow is not there in September when the UTMB takes place.

Day 3 of my UTMB foray knocked off another 33km and surprisingly the body is starting to feel ok again having been complaining a lot yesterday. Loads more snow, ascent and descent today but a great section and fantastic scenery to take me to Courmayeur in Italy and a hotel!

Day 4 of the UTMB was a long haul out of Italy and into Switzerland to La Fouly of 34km and around 2700m up and 2100m down. Fortunately the weather continues to cool and there was cloud cover much of the day with scattered showers. Some nice gentle forest running to look forward too tomorrow once the current thunder and lightning storm blows over.

Final Day 5/6 of my UTMB foray. Completed my run through Switzerland and just over the border into France to link onto where I had already run with the Mont Blanc Marathon. Should have done this all as day 5 but having got absolutely soaked and the weather turning nasty I took shelter in Champex and carried on the following day when the weather was great. The UTMB is a sumptuous Ultra with stunning scenery and fabulously varied terrain. I could never run it in one bash but have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing it the way I have. Hats off to all the amazing ultra runners we have in the club.