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Runner of the Month


December -
November - 

October -
Zoe Howarth

Garry Keenen

Andrea Normington 

July - 

June -
Ann Dale - Ann is now back firing on all cylinders and the results recently are more than testimony to this. It's great to have such a consitent racer back in the mighty orange vest and our ladies team performances will benefit accordingly 

May -
Mark Holt -  Mark's a very keen racer and this recognises his consitently brilliant performances especially in thsi seasons Harrogate League and also finishing 3rd MV40 in the Osmotherby Half 

April -
Gill Edmundson - We could all tell that Gill was going to give her all to achieving her potential in the London Marathon and a well deserved PB was the result of all that training

March -
Julie Bucknall - Now well and truly back from her foot injery Julie is once again challenging for honours in her age group and put in a fantastic display at the Leeds Canal Half
February -
Pete Galley - Ever popular this recognises the consitent feature of Pete at events up and down the county including the XC's Peco and his support of all things running.

January -
Paul Milgate - Fantastic performances from Paul recently include a PB and 3rd MV40 in the Brass Monkey. Great performances in the Yorkshire XC 2nd MV40 and his support for our PECO efforts.


December  -  Rob Whitaker - Rob is racing a lot these days and not just in 5K's (kidding) . But this recognition is particularly for the assitance in coaching the Juniour squad in thier Sunday and Monday sessions. 

November -
Emma Coster - Emma is upping her race time these days and will be having another crack at London in April but it is her dedication to coaching that have seen a number of the juniours making a mark through the senior ranks that have earned her the nod this month. 

October - 
Claire Robinson - Claire has had some great result this year but none more so than her excellent PB in the Amsterdam Marathon 

- Garry Keenan - Garry is the proverbial come back kid and he really has the bit between his teeth currently after some nasty injuries. 

- Jacky Darley. Jacky could win this award in any month given her commitment to new runners and the fantastic support that she brings to those embarking on their running careers. Jacky's latest batch of newbees are a particularly close knit bunch and the Monday night session that Jackie puts on for beginers have morphed into social runs happening virtually every night of the week.

July – John Field. I'm sure that winning ROM is up there with John's other big achivements of late such as getting married (ok possibly not). John has started to spread his coaching wings and the encouragement (friendly shouting) has endeared him to everyone whose taken part in some of the speed sessions that he's organised. Remember no pain no gain!

Also note that we are always looking for new coaches - so please let Andy know if you are interested so that we can add you to coaching courses as they become available. 

June – Adam Hutchinson. Wetherby continues to go from strength to strength in the fells and the challenges are increasingly over ever longer distances. Adam along with Paul Nelson, Andy Walsh and Kevin Easley are very much spearheading this trend. Adam successful completion of the The 10 Peaks Long Course - 73 km race, which included 5,600m ascent is typical of the races that these guy’s are in to. Another Bob Graham beckons?

 - Paul Nelson. Paul has put in some phenomenal performances of late and seems to win around half the races that he enters these aren't normal races either but often but 100 mile epics seemingly the norm. However its Paul's fantastic Bob Graham Round achievement which tipped the scales rounding off a fantastic period of running. From zero to now two Bob Graham Round athletes we may have to open up a new category on the web site - Bonkers!

April - Andrew Walsh. Andrew's red locks and beard are now a common sight at all of our key races and performances regularly place him in our elite group. Andrew's love of running and random face book posts are endearing traits but seeing him not only complete a race with a stress fracture to the leg but then bounce back so quickly from an injury that should have seen him out for months is possibly what tipped the scales this month. This proves of course that you do not have to be mad to win runner of the month - but it helps!

March - Claire Robinson. Claire's high stepping style is getting a lot of practice this year as she notches up PB after PB including a great effort in the Brass Monkey amongst others. 

February - Pete Callaghan. Despite being well and truly biten by the cycling bug of late Pete has continued to take part in all of our key races including a 100% entry rate in this years PECO cross country team.
January  - Rob Gray. Rob's forthcoming London marathon is spurring him on to even greater efforts than normal. Starting with a great performance at the Captain Cook on New Year's day. This was followed a fortnight later by the securing of the club's V50 record for ten miles at Hull's Ferriby 10.


December  - Paul Atkinson. Paul has been ever present in this seasons Cross-Country team and has improved in leaps and bounds through a determined attitude to racing and training. He's a regular at virtually every session going.

November  - Dave Carberry. Fitting into Laura's shoes is no mean feat and therfore Dave is well deserving not so much for walking around in killer heel's but for trying to organise you lot. He also managed a great time at the duanting tour of Pendle and then topped it all off with an almost unheard of PB at the hilly Guy Fawkes. 

October  - Emma Coster. Emma could win ROM any month given the support and time that she gives to the juniors organising activites often 4 times per week. What made October extra-special though was her PB at the York Marathon 

September  - Debbie Dennison. Debbie put in a fantastic performance at the Loch Ness marathon not only managing a PB but also taking the clubs FV50 record, awesome!

August - Paul (I'm not fast honest!) Nelson for a plethora of fantastic results including 1st place in the Dalby Forest Half Marathon - (for which he joins the ranks of the esteemed Cinderella club), 2nd in the Lakes half and also for his part in our 2nd placed Washburn relay team - we were first when Paul handed over!

Paul is also up for arranging the odd 30+ mile training run - you've been warned
July - Kevin Easley is our first member to complete, in the required 24hrs, the grueilling Bob Graham Round, he's written a great article on his exploit which is in the News section of the site

June -  Drew Ward continues to be a prolific runner for the club racing most weekends with improving PB's 
May: - Pete Allanach joins those who have completed the amazing MDS race - getting in is an achivement in itself, he also took away a PB in the Edinburgh Marathon 
April  -  Paul Milgate continues to break records including;  Best WRAC performance in the PECO series, M40 Club record at 10K in the Bradford 10K, at 34m 17s and then he smashed the club 10m record at Thirsk by 2 minutes, 56m02s which is an amazing achievement  
March - Richard Bell - Richard bagged several PB's this month whilst trraining for the London Marathon including Brass Monkey HM, Thirsk 10 Mile, And Hull 20 

Feb -
Lucy Callaghan - Lucy has taken to senior competition like a duck to water competing in every stage of the PECO 

Jan -
Emily Legg - Wetherby have benefited hugely from the fact that Emily is studying reasonably close to home and her contribution to the Ladies X Country team has been invaluable, good luck in Paris Emily.


Paul Milgate - Fantastic performance in the WYCC and the PECO have helped us to some impressive results of late - many more club records to come no doubt 

Nov -
Mark Foster - Great race performances including Paris 20k 

Sept - A
lison Dooley - Achievement and performance at Berlin Marathon

August - J
onny Dudley - High achievement winning Leeds Xpress Triathlon and consistently good racing performances

July - 
Paul Windle - Leading Friday night coaching sessions

June -
Caroline Lambert - high achievement in road and fell racing including Champion of the Harrogate Race League and winning Beamsley Beacon fell race

- Debra Wheeler -  for doing something outside of her comfort zone, and inspiring others by getting 2nd place in her age category at the Tadcaster triathlon, her first triathlon.

April – John Pearson – Completing Marathon de Sables

March – Pauline Munro – race performances including winning Yorkshire Veterans Cross Country Championship


Nov - Simon Chandler - personal improvement during Summer/Autumn culminating in Abbey Dash 10K performance

Oct -
Chris Plews - achievement of 4th place, Kalahari Ultra and managing the development of the new WRAC website

- Valerie Bell - personal improvement and confidence in first year of running

- Sharon Smith - personal improvement, motivating the beginner runners & standing in for Jacky

- Ian Legg - continued services to coaching and support to the Club

- Ben Pye - outstanding performance and achievement in the Harrogate & District Summer Race League

– Jim Buller – organising Bed Race and Jubilee Sports Day

April – Dawn Downie – race performances/ PBs culminating in London Marathon

Mar – Garry Keenan – overcoming injury, preparing to run the London marathon next month

Feb – Paul Halliday – race and league participation

Jan – Richard Bell – participation


Dec – Paul Windle – Cross Country race commitment/results and support to club

Nov – Paul Emmett - race performances AND Pete McGouran for senior coaching

Oct – Richard Bewell – results across range of disciplines – fell, Tri and road

Sept – Ann Dale – results and training commitment

August – Andrea Normington - Great Results & recognition as key member of Junior coaching squad

July – Julie Bucknell - Great results

June – Laura Marks - Organised Sicklinghall race in HR League

May – Mark Tobin - Front Man for new Triathlete Section of the club

April – Emma Wainwright - Great results in training races for debut London Marathon

March – Chris Plews - Recognition as a running partner for Andy Mcmenemy on Challenge 66

February – Jacky Darley - Spearheaded a initiative for WRAC with Leeds Athletic Development Group

January – John Simpson - Positive attitude to training – ever faster running despite age

The concept of Runner/Club Person of the Month was established in January 2011.
As a move to recognize individuals throughout the year the Club introduced a monthly member-nominated award that recognizes, with a prize, either an individual running achievement of note or a contribution to the general nature of the club.
There are no strict guidelines regarding reasons for nominating someone. The following are a few examples: 
Achieved a PB in a race during the month 
A significant achievement within a race, not necessarily a PB (e.g. a good time after a long injury lay off) 
A significant contribution to the club (as a coach as a mentor or generally adding something to the club during the month concerned)
It could be for someone whose general contribution to the club deserves a special mention.
Everyone who is a paid up member of the club ( 2nd claim members included) is eligible! 

Nominators identities are kept confidential.
Any Club Member (including the award judges) is entitled to nominate someone for consideration and nominators can nominate more than one person.
Originally the Award was conceived as a mechanism for the Senior section. Juniors who compete and contribute towards Senior league performances are also eligible to be recognized for their performance/contribution to the Club.
Nominations are not votes, therefore the number of nominations received for any individual is not the determining factor on who wins the award.
The reasons given in the nomination(s) are all taken into account by the judges.

Nominations are requested to be sent at any time, though usually at the end of a month, to any one or all of the judging panel members. Currently they are:
The announcement of who has won the award for the previous month will normally be made at the Club on the second Wednesday of the following month.